Edgar Xi

Here are some of my projects and publications. You can find more coding projects on my Github profile.



I'm the cofounder and CTO of a transportation analytics startup called Percepsense. Our aim is to bring the best of the 21st century: crowdsourced analytics, cutting edge machine learning, and the ubiquity of smartphones, into an industry where it is desperately needed.
Our team graduated from CMU's NSF-ICorps 2017 Fall Cohort.
We are currently in the process of partnering with Honda Automotives.

Publications and Research

12/2017 Capsule Network Performance on Complex Data
7/2017 Intelligent Pothole Detection

We built an iPhone app that detects and plots potholes from smartphone sensor data. Read about it Here
Paper accepted into DSCO 2017.


Intelligent Pothole Detection

realtime pothole detection and visualization. Includes iPhone app source, iPython Notebooks, and trained weights.

Expectation-Maximization PCA

Non-deterministic, iterative variant of PCA designed to work on huge, noisy datasets with missing and imperfect data. Implemented in PyTorch for trivial GPU accelerated dimension-reduction.

Awards and Talks

San Francisco Data Institute Conference

Selected Presenter

Bloomberg Data for Good exchange

Selected keynote presenter

University of Chicago

Data Science For Social Good Conference - Selected speaker